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International Relocation – Guide

International relocation, also referred to as overseas moving generally refers to moving across national boundaries. If for instance you have to move from Miami, Florida to Porto Rican suburb, that will amount to international moving. You might find yourself in a situation where you have to relocate to another country.

Reasons to prompt such a move may be change of nationality, marriage, work or even business deals. Such moves involve thousands of miles from your current residence, to new nations or even continents. The fact that you are moving very far, and crossing a host of national jurisdictions, makes international relocation the hardest move one can imagine. It demands a more stringent analysis of belongings, assessment of costs and a precise choice of the moving company to contract.

This calls for an understanding of the basics of an international move. The moving company that you select should have a studious experience in international moving, with contacts in various destinations and shipping agencies.

You will tap in this experience both in ensuring that your belongings are moved safely and in ensuring that you find accommodation in your new country. The beginning point of such a move should be in finding as much information as possible about international moving, international relocation companies and the new country you are moving into.

Remember to read about international moving procedures, your legal rights and also responsibilities. Instead of approaching such an onerous mission with ignorance, bridge the gap with an informed mind. Comprehending these facets will save you money and stress.

Now, when you contact international movers during a move from one country to another, your moving estimate will be solely based on the set price for every pound of weight moved. This moving estimate rate is multiplied by the total weight of your goods intended for shipment. Consequently, the heavier your belongings, the more costly your move will be. In most times, overseas moving companies will give you what is called in the industry, a non-binding moving estimate.

This type of estimate makes the total price dependent on the tare weight of the shipped goods.

Once the cost has been calculated, do not allow your mover to add other transportation fees such as those calculated per cubic feet, hourly charges or anything else. The tare weight of your goods must be the absolute shipment fees, unless you have also contracted for other services. Again, the international movers are mandated by law to give you an authentic weight master ticket, having weighed your shipment on a scale certified by the state you are moving from.

If however the goods being shipped are too light, a warehouse weighing system is adequate. The only requirement is that you be present during the weighing. This is part of your rights.

Besides concerns with the weight, most international relocation companies offer storage services, or can subcontract a storage company in your destination country. This will come in handy when the shipment arrives before you find suitable accommodation.

Ensure that you ask your mover before hand about the availability of such arrangements. Most moving companies now are very particular about customer service, and they most definitely will help make your international relocation, stress free.

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